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Ursula Bick Interiors responds to a clientele that values design, quality & bespoke service. Located in the heart of England, Ursula curates individual rooms or a complete residence.

Her clients are intelligent inspirational people who wish to add value to their properties or meet their evolving lifestyle needs.  Whether it is a desire to create their perfect place, simply too busy themselves, or unsure on the many decisions of interiors, it is because they care that they call upon her visionary services. Ursula’s understanding character and creative integrity meets their requirements, with originality and design excellence.  

Ursula’s unique design sensibility is a blend of her rich background in fashion & luxury jewellery design in her early years, her academic acumen includes a 1st class Masters in Design Management at the University of the Arts London, a BA Honours at the prestigious Central Saint Martins and is qualified in Professional Interior Design Skills. 


Her distinctive east-west dual heritage intuitively offers an engaging and balanced approach to design, whilst her understanding of the onsite process, with her husband the director of a construction company, is invaluable.  





Our interior philosophy is absolute - artfully & fastidiously we sculpt a concept that showcases the ideologies of the designer, captures the sprit of the client & honours the beauty of the place, unequivocally accepting only that which we absolutely love.


Aesthetics  draw on the sense of beauty, characterised by the emotional connection.  Through building client relationships, we are intent on enhancing lifestyle, transforming the feeling & complimenting the ergonomic interaction within a place - a unique design story where you can fall in love.


Ursula’s intrinsic discourse for eastern purity & balance is met with dynamic modernistic global design influences, layering a sensitive artful colour pallet with alluring textures, beautiful design lines, opulent accents and innovative contemporary features, for an enquiring, inspirational, long-lasting approach to interiors that can organically evolve with the client over time.  

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