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Rashwood II 

3 Storey, Detached House

Second Phase renovation of a 3 Story family property, turning a playroom into a fashionable library with a multi functional usage for the whole family, addressing the working from home lifestyle movement of the twenty-twenties.  Minimalist bespoke fitted joinery, luxurious quartz, outer space moonlight glow, celestial black & whites, sparkle dust backdrop and elegant furnishings ensure an intimate space of cosmic cool, get dressed-up glitz chic and infinite dreams materialised.  A top floor contemporary Japanese spa inspired bathroom with natural stone, reflective smoked infinity mirror fitted with a double vanity his and hers sink.

220428_UrsulaBick_0037-Edit_HG_Screen copy.jpg
220428_UrsulaBick_0018-Edit_HG_Screen copy.jpg
220428_UrsulaBick_0121-Edit_HG_Screen copy.jpg
220428_UrsulaBick_0117-Edit_HG_Screen copy.jpg
220428_UrsulaBick_0125-Edit_HG_Screen copy.jpg
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